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Cultural Cooperation

Multilateral works hard to make cultural agents aware of the importance of cooperating in cultural management, and the advantages and opportunities offered by making cultural projects international. With this aim in mind, Multilateral has launched its own cooperation initiatives and promoted the creation and consolidation of networks of cultural agents at the European level, enabling members to contact each other

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Culture and Development

Multilateral has joined the challenge to make the cultural dimension an essential building-block of any regional development policy. As a non-governmental organisation, it contributes to launching initiatives that use culture as an engine for development, particularly those that benefit developing countries and enable professionals in the culture sector to develop their skills, and consolidate corporate fabrics in emerging regions

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Professionalisation of Cultural Agents

The relationship between economy and culture cannot be reduced merely to the wealth-generating and job-creation capacities of activities in the culture sector. It is also reflected in the new challenges faced by creators to cope with the demands of the markets they use to distribute what they create. This requires creators to be better trained and more professional. One part of Multilateral’s work is to launch training, consultancy and support initiatives, and to design specific projects which adjust personal artistic initiatives to professional projects

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Young Creation / Youth

Multilateral is committed to working with young creators, and is aware of the importance of involving young people in the processes of appreciation of shared heritage and creation of collective identities. To this end, Multilateral works to develop projects that involve creations by young people, artistic exchanges and cultural volunteer work in all aspects and phases of development, from designing initiatives to evaluating results

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Cultural Heritage

Multilateral promotes heritage appreciation initiatives. We are interested in the use and financial, social and cultural contributions of heritage in a region, and are aware of the major role it plays in developing cultural tourism. Multilateral has managed its own projects in this field, carried out cultural heritage consultancy work for other bodies and encouraged cultural volunteer work through specific initiatives

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Citizensí participation

Multilateral works towards raising awareness and promoting the role played in a region’s cultural life by aspects such as citizens’ participation and equal opportunities, or freedom of expression, as we equate active public involvement with exercising a cultural right. To do this, Multilateral contributes to the analysis and study of citizens’ participation in cultural life through its own research work, and to the launch of specific initiatives to promote participation in different regional ambits

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