Asociación Aragonesa para la Cooperación Cultural


Infoculture  (2002-2006 y 2006-2016)

Cultural Cooperation Professionalisation of Cultural Agents Young Creation / Youth

A project promoted in collaboration with Cépière Formation (Toulouse, France) to develop the professional skills of culture artists and agents by establishing cross-border cultural services and broadening their skills by crossing the border (a Documentation Centre with dual headquarters, joint training courses, residential schemes for artists, a bilingual website, newsletters on culture and employment, a study of employment in the culture sector on both sides of the Pyrenees) and funded by the European Commission (ERDF Interreg III), the Department for the Economy, Taxation and Employment of the Government of Aragon, the Aragonese Employment Institute, Huesca City Council, the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council, the Departmental Authority for Work and Training of the French Ministry of Employment, the General Council of Haute-Garonne and the French National Agency for Employment (ANPE)

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