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Reinforcement the professional skills of cultural players in Equatorial Guinea in the developing of business and social initiatives in the book sector  (2011-2012)

Cultural Cooperation Culture and Development Professionalisation of Cultural Agents

The purpose of the project, to be implemented throughout 2001 until February 2012, is to reinforce the professional skills of cultural players in the book sector in Equatorial Guinea in order to improve professional knowledge by training cultural agents of the country's book sector, improve the relationship of the Guinean book sector with international cultural networks and launch a library service in the city of Malabo. This initiative involves holding three training seminars on book editing and design, as well as library management. The initiative also intends to promote permanent contacts between the organised groups of this sector in Guinea (writers, designers, etc.) with professional and artistic networks, both in Europe and Africa, in order to facilitate the mobility of said professionals and above all, the exchange of literary works in both directions. All this effort must lead to the creation of a library in coordination with the Spanish Cultural Centre in Malabo, which will enable not only the implementation of a busies proposal and access by the population to cultural products, but also the generation of a civil initiative as a driver of new professional initiatives. The project is financed by the Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency, with the collaboration of the Spanish Cultural Centre in Malabo, the University of Zaragoza and the Aragon Editors' Association.

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