Asociación Aragonesa para la Cooperación Cultural

On-line service for providing information and encouraging employment and cultural undertaking for the Infoculture Culture and Employment Documentation Centre  (2012-2013)

Cultural Cooperation Professionalisation of Cultural Agents Young Creation / Youth

From its on-line platform (, the Culture and Employment Documentation Centre by Infoculture, under the coordination of Multilateral, offers new digital tools for professionalising Spanish cultural actors in order to increase their chances of employment, self-employment and cultural undertaking which are created through this project. With this new service, Infoculture supplies similar services as those provided by on-site assessment to over two thirds of users who are unable to make use of these on-site services due to physical accessibility constraints. This new on-line information and support service is comprised of two new departments: Cultural Employment and Cultural Undertaking. These new departments intend to compensate the deficiencies encountered in specialised professional fields (law, economics, etc.) and encourage the search for strategies which will allow cultural undertakers and creative and cultural companies to survive in a moment marked by special difficulties affecting the sector. The project is sponsored by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport through the Cultural Action and Promotion Funds 2012.

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