Asociación Aragonesa para la Cooperación Cultural


Multilateral contributes to reflections on the role of culture in today’s global society, and to a greater knowledge of the sector and its resources and agents via its research work, channelled by specific initiatives and by the analysis service within Infoculture, Multilateral’s culture and employment space.


Much of Multilateral’s work in relation to skills and professional development of sector agents is focussed on training, to increase agents’ skills levels and improve their opportunities for entering the labour market. This has led to the specific design of skills development projects and the creation of an in-house specialist training service in cultural management and cultural cooperation for development.

Information / Documentation

Multilateral has an information and documentation service for employment in the culture sector, known as Infoculture. Information and guidance can be provided by Infoculture to cultural agents to help them improve their skills and thus raise the professional level of their activities. The Culture and Employment Documentation Centre channels all the work carried out by this service.

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